Roof flashings

Roof flashings are a very important element of roof finishing and elevation. They are used on edges and bends of roof surfaces. They ensure building’s proper tightness and aesthetics, protect against wind and leaking. They are made in the same colour as the proper covering.

Modern machine park for the production of roof flashings.

A servomotor machine with CNC control ensures bending in the highest quality.

  • from 2 to 6 mb
  • Length
  • from 0,5 to 2mm
  • Thickness
  • unlimited
  • Shape

Precision of assembly: roof flashings profiles tapered by the thickness of the sheet are ideally made during assembly.

Below there are examples of the flashings of the total length up to 6 metres.
We also offer bended flashings upon request based on individual projects.

Barrel ridges large
ABarrel ridges large
Barrel ridges small
BBarrel ridges small
Straight ridge
CStraight ridge
Cone ridge
DCone ridge
Gutter flashing
HGutter flashing
Gutter downside flashing
IGutter downside flashing
Gutter downside flashing
JGutter downside flashing
Wall side flashing A
KWall side flashing A
Wall side flashing B
LWall side flashing B
Wall side flashing C
MWall side flashing C
Snow barrier
NSnow barrier
Box gutter
PBox gutter
Box gutter, deep
RBox gutter, deep


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